My CFA Level 2 Diary (1)

Hi, guys. I just wanted to post some thoughts how I am getting along with the curriculum…

First of all, this is two times harder than Level 1. I passed Level 1 in June 2010 (from third attempt). Not that I hadn’t studied. But I studied without STALLA. My dear Peter Olinto and The Enhanced System… I prepared from Aug 24, 2009 till my June day-exam.

This time is different. No STALLA, but Schweser. I like more Stalla, but I can not do much about it except TORRENT (I am not in favour of pirating).

So, I get along with dear Andrew. He’s OK, but Peter Olinto made me laugh. Plus, I have now two kids and doing PhD in valuation.

And working in major Croatian bank.

OK, enough of excuses. I skipped Ethics, I’ll do that at the end (got that from Olinto on Level 1, it was wise decision).

Now I am in Study session 11 (Equity, second part of three total). I hope to be over with all three by next week in order to get back a lost week on Study session 6 – Consolidations in Financial Statement Analysis, which I did back on my postgraduate masters study.

This is two times harder.

Going back to my studies.

If you want to get in touch, please do. I have a Facebook profile as well. Or you can comment.

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